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Favorite color:  All of them.


Favorite flower:  Sunflowers, because they look like the sun.


Favorite ocean:  Indian, because I have never been there.


Favorite country:  Australia. (Why?)  They have a cool accent there.


Favorite religion:  All, because they all have their own traditions and I respect them.


Favorite language:  Japanese. (Why? You do not speak Japanese)  It sounds funny.


Favorite subject in school:  English, recess and lunch.


Favorite sport:  Football, because I play with my friends and I am the best runner on the team.

Favorite weather:  Cold, because I  make my Dad come out with me and build a snowman.

Favorite person:  My Mom, and my Dad, and all of my friends, including my cat, but he is not a human.

Favorite artist:  Degas, because he painted ballerinas and I love ballet.

Favorite museum:  The Getty museum, because it has a beautiful park.

Favorite composer:  Ludwig Beethoven, because he is passionate and things he wrote are easy to feel.

Favorite book:  "Helen Keller" . It is a book about a blind and deaf girl. She learned how to speak. During WWII she was telling injured people that life is always worth living, no matter what. 

Favorite movie:  "Harriet the Spy" - It is about friendships and not giving up your friends. "Miracle on 34th street" -  It tells you to believe in good that will come one day.  "A Nightmare Before Christmas" - It's funny, scary and romantic movie.

Best friends:  The cast and the whole crew of the "Brady Bunch in the White House." Because it was my very first movie and because there I was  not a little girl, but a brave and intelligent person.

  January, 2002  

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